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Radiolla is non-commercial radio, support us with donation!

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• Submit your music

Dear musicians!
If you feel that your music fits Radiolla and want to share it with our listeners, do not hesitate to submit it to our airplay. We have many such submissions and we want even more!
Send your demos to editor of the correspondent channel - email address you can find in "About radio" block. If you don't know to which channel to submit your music - send it here:
Write a bit about yourself and provide links for download your tracks in mp3 320k quality preferable.
Please note that we only accept music which fits the formats of our channels, so please do not waste time submitting pop or rock music.

• About radio

Jiraffe is jazz, funk and fusion channel on Radiolla internet-radio. Jiraffe channel's editor is Holyan.
Feel free to contact editor by e-mail:

Repertoire ether determined by our listeners. Click plus tracks that you like, and minus — those that you would not want to hear

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